Certificate Eligibility Guidelines

Eligible Makes/Models are listed on the LTEP vehicle eligibility guide. Vehicles not listed are ineligible. Contact PDS Sales Support to request a current
copy of the quarterly guide or any specific vehicle inquiries.

In addition, vehicles which have the following special features and uses are ineligible under the program:

  • Altered / Modified Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Kit Cars
  • Grey Market Vehicles
  • Police / Emergency Vehicles
  • Salvage Title Vehicles
  • Special Interest Vehicles
  • Taxi or Livery Vehicles
  • Commercial Towing Vehicles
  • Twin Turbo Vehicles (except Ford Eco Boost engine)
  • Vehicles over 1 Ton
  • Vehicles used with snowplows

Vehicles used for towing or pulling outside of manufacturer’s towing capacity
only with applicable surcharge
Vehicles used for commercial purposes Certificates are eligible only at time of vehicle purchase and cannot be reinstated

Click the link to view a list of eligible vehicles
Eligible Vehicles

Dealer Eligibility Guidelines

The Lifetime Powertrain program is designed primarily for use at Asian and Domestic auto dealers. Independent / Non-Franchised dealers are eligible for
the program. Separate rates apply. In addition, dealers offering the following manufacturer vehicles for sale as New Vehicles are not eligible for the
Lifetime Powertrain Program:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Bentley*
  • Jaguar*
  • Land Rover*
  • Porsche*
  • Volvo

* Vehicles marked with an asterisk are also ineligible as Used Vehicles

Underwriting Guidelines

All required maintenance (oil and filter changes, transmission fluid changes and tire rotations) must be done at the selling dealership and performed
within 1000 miles of the Service Interval.

  • For New vehicles and Factory Pre-Owned vehicles, maintenance Service Intervals shall be according to the manufacturer recommendations.
  • For Pre-Owned Vehicles, maintenance services must be performed within 1,000 miles of the selected Service Interval.

The manufacturer recommended intervals (“Factory”) shall be available for vehicles which are the same make as the dealer franchise.

Loyalty certificates must be provided on a blanket basis for the selected class – either New Only, Pre-Owned Only or All New and Pre-Owned Vehicles.

Loyalty certificates are non-transferable and non-cancelable. Benefits only apply to the original customer receiving the Loyalty Certificate with the
purchase of a vehicle. Proof of ownership may be required.

90 days and 3,000 miles must elapse from the odometer reading at the date of the Loyalty Certificate issuance to be eligible for repairs. Failures that
occur within the first 90 days and 3,000 miles are not covered.
Customers must confirm ownership of the vehicle within 180 days after the 10 year anniversary from the date of purchase, and every 5 years thereafter
(within 180 days) to maintain eligibility under the Loyalty Certificate. The customer is required to log on to www.lifetimevehiclereg.com to confirm that
For a complete list of terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations please see the Lifetime Powertrain consumer certificate.

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