Returning a Leased Car at Suntrup Automotive Group

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If your lease term is coming to a close or you’re curious about returning a leased car early, then you’ll be happy to know that the process is quite simple when you work with us. Our finance team is here to guide you through every step of your automotive journey, offering advice and tips along the way. Read on to discover how returning a leased car works, and find answers to questions like, “Can you return a leased car early?” Learn more below!

What to Do Before a Lease Return

Before returning a car at the end of your lease, there are some things that you’ll want to be sure to do. Most dealerships look for the following when you bring in your lease:

  • Dents, scratches, or any other cosmetic or body damage
  • Excessive or unexpected wear on the tires
  • Any upholstery tearing or interior damage

To avoid any penalty fees and additional charges, here’s what you should do before returning your car at the end of its lease:

  • Get a tune-up on your vehicle
  • Clean the interior
  • Repair any minor dents and scratches
  • Fix up any paint scratches or blemishes

What to Bring When Returning a Leased Car

When you visit one of our dealerships in the St. Louis area to return your lease, you’ll want to save time by making sure you have the right materials with you. Make sure you collect the following before you make your way to your local Suntrup Automotive Group dealership before your lease return:

  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Repair receipts
  • Keys/spare keys
  • Owner’s manual
  • Maintenance records

If you forget any of the items listed above or you can’t find them, we can look up most of the information for you. But, having the necessary items in tow will make the process of returning a leased car easier when you visit your local St. Charles-area Suntrup dealership.

Process of Returning a Leased Car Step by Step

Once you get down to it, the process of returning a leased car is virtually as simple as dropping it off at the dealership. It’s important to note that you can return your lease to one of our dealerships even if you worked with another dealer in the Fenton area. When returning a car at the end of a lease, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our dealership with your vehicle.
  2. One of our team members will inspect your vehicle. They will check for damage, overall quality, and inspect other important factors.
  3. Any extra miles on the odometer that exceed the agreed-upon limit, along with wear and tear, will be subject to penalty fees.
  4. Once the inspection is finished, your return is complete. You can upgrade with another lease, buy your current vehicle, or upgrade with one of our new or used models!

Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

If your plans change, you might be interested in returning a leased car early. But can you return a leased car early? This will depend on the specifics of your agreement, but most will allow for an early lease return. If you do return your lease ahead of schedule, you’ll need to pay off the remaining balance of your agreement and any fees. Returning a leased car early is possible, and from there, you can select an upgrade if you desire.

Return Your Lease in St. Louis

Once you’re ready to return your lease, you can be in and out of the dealership in just one afternoon. Visit your local Suntrup Automotive dealership or contact us to learn more. Our team is here to walk you through all your options to make the best decision for your automotive and financial future.


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