What Does Rotating Your Tires Do?

Rotating tires

Tire rotations are an important part of your vehicle maintenance routine, but just what does rotating your tires do? Not every driver knows why to rotate tires, but generally speaking, it’s just a matter of evenly distributing road wear. Your front tires typically go through tread a lot faster than your rear tires, so tire rotations will help you get the most life out of your entire set. Find out how often to rotate your tires with Suntrup Automotive Group, and schedule your service in St. Louis today.

Why Rotate Tires in the First Place?

If you only drove through flat and straight roads, your tires might wear evenly on their own. But, you go through different terrain and different elevation throughout St. Louis journeys. Whether braking hard at a stop sign or hitting a sharp turn in St. Charles, each tire undergoes different stress and strain. Additionally, your drivetrain plays a huge role in tire wear:

  • Front-wheel drive vehicle: The engine power is directed straight to the front two wheels, which means they wear faster than the rear wheels.
  • Rear-wheel drive vehicle: The engine power is directed to the rear two wheels, but your front wheels will still handle steering and braking. Still, your rear wheels will wear faster.
  • All-wheel drive vehicle: Engine power is sent where it is needed most, depending on your terrain and driving. Rear tires may wear out faster, but your wear pattern may be irregular.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires? 

We’ve been through what does rotating your tires do, now how often should you rotate your tires on the Fenton roads? Most experts recommendrotating your tires every six months or every 5,000 miles to 8,000 miles. However, this figure can vary depending on your car’s configuration and your driving style. Your owner’s manual will have some good information based on your particular model, and don’t hesitate to ask our service center for extra pointers!

What Happens if I Don’t Rotate Tires?

Neglecting your tire care can have a huge impact on your car’s performance and safety, leading to:

  • Poor traction and skidding on the roads
  • More rapid deterioration of brake pads
  • Flat tires and blowouts

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