How to Check Car Oil

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Hand holding engine oil dipstick to check levelChecking your oil is a simple way to make sure your vehicle has what it needs for optimal performance. Maintaining proper oils levels allow all your engine’s parts to stay lubricated and function properly. Learn how to check your car oil below so you can maximize your vehicle’s performance on streets today.

Learn How to Check the Oil Level in Your Car

If you have a newer vehicle, you will want to check your owner’s manual for the automaker’s recommendations, as some newer vehicles have electronic oil monitors that don’t use traditional dipsticks.

To manually check your oil using a dipstick, follow these simple steps:

  • Park your vehicle on level ground and turn the engine off. Allow it to sit until the engine is cold.
  • Open the vehicle’s hood and find the dipstick.
  • Remove the dipstick from the engine and wipe any oil from the end of it.
  • Re-insert the dipstick all the way back into its tube, then remove it again and look at both sides to see where the level is.

Your dipstick will have some sort of markings to indicate the oil level If the top of your oil streak is between two marks or within a cross-hatched area, then your level oils are fine. If it isn’t, you’ll need to add more oil.

Before topping off your oil yourself, make sure to check your owner’s manual and buy the recommended grade for your model. Once you have the proper oil, remove the oil filler cap, then add oil a little at a time until the dipstick indicates you’ve reached the proper level.

Let the Suntrup Automotive Group Service Team Keep Your Car in Prime Condition

Whether you are in need of expert advice or are looking for a professional to do the job, we have certified mechanics ready to tackle all your repair and maintenance needs. We also offer a selection of money saving service specials for drivers, as well as guides on a general car maintenance schedule, and how to check your tire tread depth. Visit a Suntrup Automotive Group service center today or contact us online for further assistance.

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