Buying New vs. Buying Used

January 5th, 2019 by

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Any driver deciding between buying new vs. buying used needs to think about everything from monthly payments and available features to liability insurance. So, we’ve made the job easier by laying out the benefits of each option. Turn to Suntrup Automotive Group, your St. Louis-area auto experts.

Benefits of Buying New

  • No History: New cars are naturally more reliable than used ones since every part is free of wear and tear. You’ll also know exactly how the car was treated before you take ownership.
  • Latest Technology: The latest vehicles benefit from cutting-edge technology. That means everything from smartphone integration to the peace of mind that comes with driver-assistance safety features. You can also access a more engaging drive with paddle shifters and other new performance features.
  • Lower Fuel Consumption: As a rule, a newer vehicle will burn less fuel than an older one, making your ride less costly and more eco-friendly.
  • Easier Process: When you buy new, you walk into a dealership, decide on everything from trim level to exterior color, and end up with exactly what you want.

Benefits of Buying Used

  • Lower Costs: The major advantage of buying new is saving money. You’ll enjoy lower monthly payments, lower insurance costs, and avoid paying a large chunk of cash for sales tax. Shop from our used Nissan inventory and other used vehicles at Suntrup Automotive Group for great affordable options.
  • Lower Depreciation: New cars lose a huge amount of value the second you drive them off the lot, so they’ll be worth a lot less when you come to sell. Used models skip that sharp initial depreciation period. Learn what depreciation means for your car’s value in more depth at Suntrup Automotive Group.
  • Wider Range: When you buy new, you can look at different model years as well as different models – you can even pick up a vehicle that’s no longer made new.
  • Decent Reliability: Buying used isn’t the gamble it used to be. Today’s used models are much more dependable than the ones you might have picked up a few decades ago, and if you opt for a certified pre-owned model, you’ll enjoy even more peace of mind.

Still not sure which option is the best choice for you? Find out how to determine a budget when you’re upgrading your ride, or take an in-depth look at the advantages of buying used cars.

Find a Full Lineup of New and Used Vehicles at Suntrup Automotive Group

Whether you’re interested in driving a new vehicle around St. Louis or a used one through St. Charles, we can help. Simply contact us today to explore everything from financing options, to our used car buying checklist, and pre-owned specials. Learn about the differences between used and certified pre-owned, and if you’re wondering if you should buy or lease, consult our helpful guide to learn the benefits of both. We also have tips for buying a car out of state.

Looking for excellent used cars? View our used Ford or used Volvo inventories!

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